My Earth Family is a portrait of our earthly kin, a love story between the elements. My inner child, longing to belong, found resonance on this landscape.

My Earth Family is series of photographs taken on the coast of Encinitas, California over the last year, following her transformations across the seasons and cycles.


inner tides, i

the cosmos beneath, i



time is the artist
water is the hand that paints
stone is the traveler

inner tides, ii

inner tides, iii

high summer

tender as a lover’s caress

begging the tide to let me stay by your side

silver fall

inner tides, iv

hand to heart

if sand could speak, she’d say
let me soften the ground beneath your feet

the cosmos beneath, ii

the cosmos beneath, iii

the travelers, i

the travelers, ii

the travelers, iii

the travelers, iv

the travelers, v

rivers to creeks


the cliffs tell stories of past lives lived
they are the elders
the ancient ones who have seen
earth fall
water rise
a constant merging of bodies
coming together when the moon wills them close
falling away for an expansive solitude
but each day over an eternity
a collision of hearts

you could call it love

the elders, i

the elders, ii

to age is to unearth

inner light

new moon, i

inner tides, v

inner tides, vi

new moon, ii

new moon, iii

inner landscape


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