Blue Bodies, no. 2

BLUE BODIES is a series of photographic works that take you on a tour through —
rippling dunes of fat and flesh,
constellations of imperfection,
caverns of protection hidden between folds of skin,
mountains that dip into valleys and flatten into plains,
flora that blossom with the cycle of the seasons
— a complex arrangement of human environments as wondrous as the souls they give shelter to.

reveals worlds of ever-changing compositions of women's bodies that grow from their own natural landscapes. Blue is the color of infinity, of sky and water, the spaces that sustain and create life. This series draws connections between the generative, life-giving, eternally shapeshifting natures of the divine feminine and water, so that we may always remember that all life speaks the same language.

Limited edition of 19
Archival inkjet print on 100% cotton rag textured paper 

8 x 10 in

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